Who Are We?


About ShortVine

Unless, of course, (deeeeeeep breath……)…

She got her first pair of Doc Martens at Sentiments/Rock City, laced ‘em up on her way to The Cupboard to get some incense and a, um, pipe-slash-glass ‘pencil holder…wink, wink, nudge nudge’ before dropping a load of concert tees she got at Bogart’s into a washing machine at Sudsy Malones before doing a little record shopping at Wizard’s or Mole’s (where she may have also hung out with Tom Waits when Mole’s became Mike’s Music as he recorded the sounds of their door opening and closing for later ‘use’) ……


she met the guy that may or may not be your dad at In Cahoots for dinner where they sat next to these guys from a little act playing next door called “Pearl Jam”, or something, before checking out a friend’s band at Top Cat’s, grabbing a nightcap at Dollar Bill’s and alllllllmost getting kicked out of Perkins before heading back to her dorm……

Sleeping it off, heading back UP to Short Vine to grab some wings at LaRosa’s and go serape shopping at Stone Mountain then grabbing a beer at Zino’s Firehouse, remembering her laundry in the machine at Sudsy’s which then needed to be rewashed (!!!), rocked a little Galaga at Jupiter and Beyond then hung out NOT playing Stairway to Heaven on a guitar over at Jimmy D’s Music…..


Many of the names have changed
but the ShortVine vibe is still the same.

Something for everyone and then some.

Cincinnati’s Oldest Entertainment District is Cincy’s NEWEST Entertainment District with lots of places to eat, drink, shop, tatt, rock and more.

… stop rolling your eyes, I’m serious …

See the Map

So whether her BDubs became Mio’s, the Submarine Galley became more of a Dive Bar (restrooms are STILL for customerers (sic) only), Finger’s Rock n Roll Café became Martino’s, or Kroger became, well, AWESOME Kroger, it’s all good. There’s Alabama ‘Que, a couple of Ladder 19’s, a chance for a Taste of Belgium or some Cock & Bull….

And now you can live right in the middle of the fun…and invite your mama … and that guy, to come back and see what we’re up to …