Conscious Kitchen on Short Vine

Conscious Kitchen

ShortVine Food

You don’t need to feel guilty after eating at the Conscious Kitchen. Street and Rear Parking Available

Steak and Lemonade on Short Vine

Steak and Lemonade

ShortVine Food

Voted best restaurant in Cincy by Zomato. So come get a cheese steak and lemonade. Street and Rear Parking Available


ShortVine Food

Pizza in tasty little rectangles. Tasty…Little…Rectangles. Street and Public Lot Parking Available


ShortVine Food

It’s Dominos Street and Lot Parking Available

Island Fryday’s

ShortVine Food

Cincinnati’s home for Jamaican cuisine. Yuh need fi cum ova ya tuh Short Vine. As seen on Triple D! Street Parking and Public Lot Available.

Taste of Belgium on Short Vine

Taste of Belgium

ShortVine Drinks, Food

A Belgianized, Short Vine “trip to flavor town”. This Food Network DDD Bistro Star has the best selection of drafts (24), bottled & canned beers (Over 80+). Whether you want brunch, breakfast, lunch or dinner. We create traditional Belgian meals and serve Belgianize American Classics for the Belgian in all of you. Street Parking and Rear Public Lot Available.

Cock and Bull on Short Vine

Cock & Bull

ShortVine Drinks, Food

Enjoy a proper helping of our award-winning Fish & Chips and wash it down with Local and Craft Brews. Lunch, Dinner & Late Night. Now that’s no Cock & Bull. Street and Rear Parking Available

Alabama Que

ShortVine Food

Turkey Tips … BBQ … Soul Food…Nuf said. Street and Lot Parking Available


ShortVine Food

For more school years than we can count, we’ve been a staple on Short Vine. We specialize in pick up and delivery orders only. Street Parking and Rear Public Lot Available.

Wing Stop

ShortVine Food

All we do is wings, sides and fries. And we do it well. Street Parking and Public Rear Lot Available